2020 Exhibitions

Strata online exhibition. late August 2020 

Gatherers - at Thrown Contemporary, London. May 2020 

Lineage solo show at Art Nuvo Gallery, Buderim, Sunshine Coast.


Suki & Hugh, Bungendore, N.S.W.

Art Nuvo, Buderim. Qld

The Mountain House, Tamborine Mt. Qld

Care Instructions

All of my ceramic pieces sold are useable and made to store liquids. The body of each piece is made using one of Australia's finest porcelains, fired to 1280oC and fully vitrified. 

Due to the nature of combining various stoneware, raw minerals and porcelain clays, your work may have some very superficial (thin and only surface deep) spilts on the outside. This is rare, but does not change the function of the work. If your cup/vessel leaks, of course please contact me, however, all cups are checked and tested before sale.

If your ceramic piece has not been glazed, rather has a polished finish, I have applied Liquid Quartz ceramic sealer, which is a food safe, permeating sealer designed for use on unglazed ceramic ware. Please visit https://madeofaustralia.com/liquid-quartz/ for more information about this product.

Due to the thin walls of your porcelain piece, please be mindful that hot liquids will be hot to touch if in a porcelain cup. Careful hand washing of your ceramic ware is advised.